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The Pool Terrace

The Pool Terrace at Rolling Hills Ranch is a luxurious and stylish outdoor oasis with

dimmable lighting ambiance that combines the allure of a pristine pool with unique grotto
bar.  The Pool Terrace exudes a relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere, making it suitable for events that aim to create a laid-back yet refined ambiance. This combination makes it an ideal space for socializing and enjoying special moments.

  • This space can accommodate up to 150 guests for ceremony or cocktail hour and up to 100 for reception/dinner

  • Our huge pool is designed to look like a natural water feature of waterfalls and
    ponds. urrounded by lush landscaping, this location offers a stunning space for
    those that want water features.

  • Have your ceremony and reception or just reception/dinner on The Pool Terrace

  • *Also, we offer summer time pool parties!

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